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  Forested Upland
    Upland Deciduous Forest
      Paper Birch
      Assorted Hardwoods
      Northern Hardwoods
    Upland Coniferous Forest
      Jack Pine
      Red Pine
      White Pine
      Conifer Plantations
    Upland Mixed Forest
      Mixed Upland Hardwoods
      Mixed Northern Hardwoods
      Mixed Upland Conifer
      Mixed Pine
  Forested Lowland
    Lowland Deciduous Forest
      Swamp Hardwoods
      Balsam Poplar & Swamp Aspen & Swamp Birch
      Bottomland Hardwoods
    Lowland Coniferous Forest
      Northern White Cedar
      Black Spruce
    Lowland Mixed Forest
      Mixed Lowland Hardwoods
      Mixed Lowland Conifer

Non-Forested Non-Forested Upland Grass Upland Brush Savanna Cropland Row Crops Small Grains/Forage Crops Fields/Pastures Coastal Dunes Residential Non-Forested Lowland Open Water Lake Pond River Sewage Lagoons & Farm Ponds Emergent Wetlands Marsh 1 Marsh 2 (MARSH) Sedge Meadow Lowland Brush Bog or Muskeg Treed Bog

Special Features Banks Man-made Structures Dead Down Woody Debris Rock Mast Snags Living Cavity Trees Vernal Pools Conifer Inclusions Deciduous Inclusions Edges Riparian Stand (Gap) Openings Perches Rock Bluffs